Latest projects

  • elaslogger (2014-03-14 10:48)

    The eLAS logging daemon

  • eMessenger (2011-09-21 10:53)

    The eLAS messenger is a mailing list manager for eLAS. It supports multi-site setups.

  • AlertMe (2011-05-18 23:22)

    AlertMe evolved from a system to send notifications of finished processes on the command line to a framework that combines notifications from multiple sources and does incident managment.

    The server component is written in Python (with Falcon for API), the web GUI uses Vue.js and Bootstrap. The system uses a Postgres database and requires RabbitMQ and Redis for communication....

  • LETS Plaza (2011-02-23 09:19)

    LETS Plaza is an eBay styled site for all LETS groups in a certain region or country to collaborate

  • monofree (2011-01-20 17:07)

    Helps clean mono from your Ubuntu/Debian Linux system and prevents it from accidently being reinstalled as a dependency.
    Monofree is based on mononono created by Tim Chase (http://tim.thechases.com/mononono/)

    Monofree is just a metapackage designed to conflict with other packages...